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MSVCR71 is part of the Microsoft C Runtime Library. Microsoft libraries require this file to run and it should never be removed. Msvcr71.dll is a Non-system process and it originates from software that is installed on the Microsoft operating system. When msvcr71.dll has an error and an error message is displayed as a result, the problem is most likely caused by fragmentation of the Windows registry and damaging errors have collected as a result. Just like any error that affects PC operation and the operating system, you want to know how to fix it.

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Understand when learning how to fix msvcr71.dll errors that the errors are based in a corrupt registry. If you have not been consistently using a registry scan and repair tool, you will need to do so immediately. Many registry scan and hard drive cleanup software programs exist on the market, but definitely check the reviews and make sure that the program is Microsoft certified.

Here is how to fix an msvcr71.dll error: First, scan the registry to find hidden errors. Often, the better registry repair programs will fix the error and that is all you will have to remember so that you know how to fix it.
Outside of this simple step, knowing how to fix msvcr71.dll errors would ideally involve learning a bit about the DLL file and its purpose. The file belongs to the Visual C Runtime library version 7.1 engine.

As a core Windows component, msvcr71.dll is used by many Windows applications including 2002, 2003, and 2005 versions of Microsoft Visual Studio.NET and Microsoft Office versions 2002 and 2003. These applications have Microsoft C++.NET and therefore require the msvcr71.dll file. Other Microsoft and third party applications also use the DLL file. Simply knowing this does not shed much light on how to fix msvcr71.dll errors, but solutions are coming shortly.

Some of the functions facilitated by msvcr71.dll include mouse functions, drop-down menus, scroll bars and buttons. Error messages can help guide you to the reason that msvcr71.dll errors are occurring and urge you to learn how to fix it. Typically, the error messages indicate that the file was not found. There are common reasons why the msvcr71.dll file could be missing. Knowing how to fix msvcr71.dll errors is made easier by learning the reasons.
1. When a faulty, corrupted programs or applications are installed on the PC, the DLL file is removed or damaged as a result.
2. When a current version of the file is overwritten by an older version by installing a particular application.
3. If installation files are damaged within a program that is currently installed.
4. Damage caused by malware.
5. Registry Damage.

How to fix missing Msvcr71.dll errors in Windows 7:
1. Download and copy the file to the correct location in the system files. For 32-bit Windows computers, the DLL file should be copied to Windows/System32 on Drive C: For 64-bit Windows operating systems, the file should be copied to Windows/SysWOW64 on Drive C:
2. In the event that you either cannot find the correct file or you are uncertain if the file is indeed correct, it can be easily downloaded from the Microsoft Website and then copied to the correct folder for a given operating system (32-bit or 64-bit).
3. The Microsoft download will come in a zip-file containing Msvcr71.dll and Msvcp71.dll. Only copy Msvcp71.dll if a missing file error is generated for it.
4. Sometimes the missing DLL file can end up in the Recycle Bin, so always check this as well. If it is there, simply restore it.
5. Sometimes the installation of new driver software can negatively affect this DLL file. Receiving an error message shortly after installing a new program necessitates uninstalling the program and then re-installing it. Doing this should fix the problem.
6. Run a Malware scan and delete any infections.
7. If you have made significant changes to your computer settings, these changes could be the cause of the error. Run System Restore to a date prior to the changes made to the settings and the error will most likely be fixed.
8. Check for outdated drivers and update them.
These are simple steps on how to fix Msvcr71.dll errors. If the errors are still occurring, consult the Microsoft website for further information and troubleshooting tactics. Computer forums can also be of assistance.

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WARNING! A corrupted and missing MSVCR71 DLL file may cause damage to your Windows Operating System and may cause your PC to run slow or crash and loose essential memory. Scan your PC and Fix msvcr71 DLL Error. Fix now!