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Have you ever been in the middle of game or application when you saw an error regarding on of your dll files? Two things can explain it- either because of system error or corrupt files from updating files from Microsoft. Many Dll files such as: libicuuc, wifiinfo_vb, qtwebkit, arcadeweb32 and Msvcr71 or MSVCR100.dll are main files of windows components necessary to run Windows applications like Microsoft Office Version 2002 and 2003 as well as Microsoft Studio .Net versions of 2002, 2003 and 2005. dll files are integral for both Microsoft and non-microsoft programs (downloaded games). Furthermore, mscvrt.dll is also responsible in drop-down options, scroll bars and buttons, as well as in manipulating your mouse. Usually, users encounter the message like appearing- “This application has failed to start because various .DLL Files files was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem.”

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1. Error in this file also occurs when the downloaded applications such as online games are not able to put some dll files in it. For example, try to install any online games such as ragnarok, flyff and sims. After you got bored and deleted it, you reinstalled it but found error because there are still hidden undeleted files in your system. This potentially creates damage on your application when reinstalled.

2. Downloading games on some websites also has hidden malware that can cause infection in your PC. Malicious files like viruses and pop-wares cause worms in your computer that deletes instantly the DLL files.

3. Visiting pornographic sites and clicking its glaring hidden cams can wreck your system in a second. This is not only because God punishes your sin but also the site has powerful virus infections that slows down and affect your dll files.

4. According to Microsoft, installing SP4 on a 64 bit version of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (using Itanium-based computer) causes some of 32-bit applications to stop functioning. In technical jargon, applications that have been stopped are those that depend on SQL-DMO or SQL-VDI APIs.

5. Common among the problem is when power shortage happened during the update or installation of Service Pack. Some of the files are not able to install as a result technical problems occur.
Given these explanations, it is important to update properly your system. One way of getting rid of this problem is to download dll files on the internet. In most occasions, your computer needs also to restart. If there are still problems, the best way is to contact your service provider.

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WARNING! A corrupted and missing MSVCR71 DLL file may cause damage to your Windows Operating System and may cause your PC to run slow or crash and loose essential memory. Scan your PC and Fix msvcr71 DLL Error. Fix now!